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Elegant travel service is a team of experts in tourism field in Morocco. Our agency takes place in Marrakech. It was created by individuals who share an affection and expertise of Morocco. Our holiday’s services aim at providing high quality services in Marrakech, Fez, Agadir, Ourazazat, Essaouira, and Meknes. Lowest prices and unmatched values are guaranteed.

Our expert knowledge comes from our deep experience, leading and guiding visitors around parts of Morocco by offering unforgettable tours and excursions. Places you must visit, places you don’t need to visit, information about city you choose to pass your holiday in, and organizing your holidays will be our main goal. Elegant Travel Service is dedicated to giving its clients the holiday experience. It is our duty to show you the top sightseeing in Morocco. In fact, a lot of things to do in Morocco, it’s only how to be guided the right way, and we guarantee this for our clients. Thanks to our experience, we understand the essential ingredients for holiday in Morocco; from clean and comfortable hotels and Riads to excellent cuisine and the chance to discover culture of the Moroccans.Niche Finder Tool

It is no secret that Morocco is one of the best destinations in the world, many places to visit in Morocco, many things to do in Morocco; therefore, we are doing our great efforts to provide great care for our clients. We believe passionately in the ethos of customer service and care. We hope that you will become part of the ETS, our courteous and professional staff wait ready to assist you with all your needs.

What ETS offer for its clients?

  • We organize day trips and excursions to the top sightseeing in Morocco (Marrakech, Essaouira, Fes,
  • Casablanca, Ouarzazat, Agadir…)
  • We offer high quality for holidays throughout the best places in Morocco.
  • We arrange your staying in the best hotels and riads.
  • We offer special care and assistance. That’s how we work!

Happy Voyage :)!
ETS Travel team

ETS-Travel Welcome December 15, 2016